We will outperform all of your existing lead sources or your money back!

We Are Buyer Pursuit

Who We Are

With thousands of dealers and vendors at our disposal, Buyer Pursuit is dedicated to helping consumers find the best vehicle at the best price.

Buyer Pursuit makes your dealership and inventory visible (on top-of-mind) where people spend most of their online time: Facebook, Instagram and Internet search.

We target potential customers using Big Data and AI, piercing through platform barriers and finding more buyers for your dealership.

We are creating leads from everyone in your area that tracks inventory on CarFax, Cars.com, Cargurus, etc. We are able to follow them where they spend the most time online, displaying your inventory and offering similar makes and models that are consistent with their previous search behavior.

Why Buyer Pursuit?

Our proven tools, strategies and industry connections make us a premier source for those in the automotive space. Bottom line: We make sure consumers see your inventory.

Our Mission

We LOVE helping B2B businesses to grow. Seeing brands go from dying to thriving really motivates us! Our end goal is to ADD VALUE to customers, employees, and communities!

Our mission is to become the top B2B marketing team in the United States! We strive to deliver amazing at a competitive price to businesses all across the nation!

Salesman talking to female customer

We are value based marketers!
We provide ONLY high value service to our customers 😀

If you do not need or will not stand to benefit greatly from a particular service we will never pitch it to you as an added service. Everything in this we propose is necessary and/or of high value to your business.