Schlossmann Honda City
Schlossmann Honda City

Schlossmann Honda City

Buyer Pursuit’s ability to connect consumers with their ideal vehicle has produced great results for Schlossman Honda City – a dealership in suburban Milwaukee. 

A four-time Honda President’s Award-winner, Schlossman Honda City has been a trusted name in the metro Milwaukee area, forging relationships with thousands of consumers and focusing on treating customers “like they’re part of the Schlossman family.”

With that said, Schlossman – family owned dealership group for more than 50 years – has always been one of the area’s top resources for automotive needs, so creating and maintaining business was never really an issue. However, the dealership knew it could expand even further with the assistance of Buyer Pursuit, which has provided more than 1,067 quality leads – and counting – since teaming up in 2019. 

GRAPH with current leads, projection based on current number. 1,067 leads over 24 months/equals almost 45 leads per month – so we could project for next quarter or year

Capitalizing on e-commerce opportunities – especially in the digital age – can be a true difference-maker for dealerships in an ultra-competitive marketplace. Standing out from the crowd has become more difficult. 

“Sometimes, all a dealership needs is a little push,” said Lazar Assoofi, Marketing Manager of Buyer Pursuit. Many of our clients own successful dealerships, and have for some time… just like Schlossman, which has been a mainstay in metro Milwaukee for decades.

We just provide a helping hand and take some of the burden of finding more clients off the shoulders of dealerships – they already have enough going on with day-to-day management as it is.”

Typically, leads in the automotive industry range from $38-$40 – or even more. Buyer Pursuit supplies the same quality of leads for roughly $5 per contact (about 15% of the cost with other services). 

GRAPH for lead cost - BP is ⅛ the cost, so demonstrate that! 12-15% cost of others! 

Thanks to Buyer Pursuit, Schlossman Honda City has sold more Accord, CR-V, Passport and Civic models – and it’s seen an increase in social media traffic, via targeted ads from Buyer Pursuit. 

Buyer Pursuit doesn’t only supply quality leads, it also manages social media ad accounts. 

“This allows our clients to do what matters most to them and not have to worry about managing Facebook and other social media,” Assoofi said. “Schlossman Honda City now has more time to do what it’s been known for more than 50 years – and that’s treating customers like family. At Buyer Pursuit, we take pride in providing that peace of mind. It’s great to see Schlossman Honda City grow so quickly, and I look forward to seeing even more growth in 2022.” 

Buyer Pursuit works with dealers to leverage the thousands of leads in their area. Whether it’s on CarGuru,, CarFax or another automotive-finding service, Buyer Pursuit delivers that information to the inboxes of clients, paving the way for more business opportunities for dealerships across the country. 

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